Hannah W. Wong has over six years experience in higher education teaching in public university and liberal art college settings including the University of Texas, University of Maryland, and Gordon College.  While teaching art history survey courses in large lecture format, she developed a student-led discussion and presentation module that is now the cornerstone of all her classes. This four-pronged learning module serves as the weekly culmination of online discussion, lectures, and readings.

Hannah also enjoys working with the wider public.  She has led gallery tours, provided lectures for museum docents on specific objects or exhibitions, and facilitated object-based discussions in large and small art spaces.  A highlight of her teaching career was creating and teaching, Look Both Ways, an art and art history course developed for low-income teenagers in Atlanta.

Sample syllabus

Sample student blogs:

Higher Education


Instructor of Record (3 semesters)
University of Texas at Austin, 2013-2015

  • Prehistoric to Contemporary Art (2 semesters)
  • Renaissance to Modern Art (1 semester)

Adjunct Instructor (2 semesters)
Gordon College, Wenham, MA, 2003-04

Course: One-year required liberal arts seminar sampling modern rhetoric, literature, and service learning; writing intensive and discussion oriented

  • Developed course discussion and activities around college-wide required texts and assignments
  • Introduced academic writing and editing processes as well as response journaling. Material ranged from Alan Paton’s Cry, the Beloved Country to M. L. King Jr.’s “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”
You are, no joke, one of the most engaging, humorous professors I have had this year. I really enjoy coming to this class and hearing your interpretations. Thanks for making Renaissance art extremely interesting!
— Anonymous note from Renaissance to Modern Art survey student
Her interactive way of teaching was not only very informational but fun as well. She really took interest in each student’s ideas and respected our opinions. What I learned in this course will really benefit me in the future.
— Student, Survey of Ancient to Modern Art, 2013


University of Texas (2008-2014)
Departments of Art & Art History and Religious Studies
University of Maryland (2005-2006)
Department of Art History & Archaeology

  • American Art Since 1960 (1 semester)
  • Religious Visual Culture in the United States (1 semester)
  • Prehistoric to Contemporary Art (1 semester)
  • Renaissance Through Modern Art Survey (3 semesters)
  • Prehistoric to Medieval Art (2 semesters)

Graduate Assistant (2002-2003)
Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, South Hamilton, MA

Master Instructor (Fall 1997)
University of Maryland Honors Program

  • Responsible for peer mentoring 30 Honors 101 course instructors
  • Led training retreat and monthly skill-building meetings

Peer Instructor (Fall 1996 & 1997)
University of Maryland Honors Program

  • Honors 101:  Requisite class for Honors Program Citation  
I cannot speak well enough about Hannah’s work as my TA this semester! Group sessions were always engaging, challenging and informative, and the feedback I received on papers and tests was very helpful. I’ve always felt prepared for exams and known what is expected of me in this class because of Hannah.
— Student, Survey of Renaissance Through Modern Art

Museum & Community 


Austin Contemporary

Look Both Ways

Union Gallery--created and ran Walk & Talk weekly lunchtime tours of gallery